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Polyester Fiber Ball
Parameter Description

The polyester fiber ball is usually used to remove impurities from the swimming pool.

Product Description

The adsorption capacity of oil and organiccompounds on the surface of high-efficiency modified fiber ball was enhancedafter modification. A new type of binding method of modified fiber ball, theporosity of filter layer decreases gradually along the direction of water flowduring operation, forming a relatively ideal pore distribution state on thefilter material with large size and small size, and better filtering effect.

Product Parameters


Pool  filter fiber ball




100%  polyester, polypropylene or acrylic fiber


1.38  g/cm³

Filling  density

70-90  kg/m³

Filtration  speed

20-85  m/h


4-6  g/D

Specific  surface area




Sunlight  resistance



Pour acertain amount of pool filter fiber ball into below machine. The machine willpump out the water in the swimming pool, filter out the impurities and put themback into the swimming pool.

This machine was originally filtered through sand, but the filter effect would be better if use fiber ball, the head loss would be small, and the fiber ball could be reused by backwashing.

700 g (1.4 lbs) fiber ball = 25 kg (50 lbs)  sand. At the same time, the filtration effect of fiber ball is obviously better than that of sand.

The specific advantages of pool filter fiberball :

1.Flexible media can be compressed and reduced easily; 

2. The ideal filter layer is loose and dense;

3 Moderate specific gravity, easy backwashing and less water consumption; 

4.Chemical fiber material is wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant; 

5. It has strong adaptability and wide application; 

6. High filtration rate without adding medicine;

7. Compact equipment, small footprint, high efficiency.

Product Applications

1.   Removeimpurities from swimming pool.

2.   Itcan be used in aquarium

3.   Fitsall existing sand or glass filters


Plastic bags and carton box

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